Unstructured data management and metadata for files and objects

Starfish is a unique and versatile application for managing files and objects at any scale, ranging from departmental file shares to the world’s largest supercomputing file systems.

Billions of Files – 100s of Petabytes
Metadata-driven Reporting & Workflows
Multi-server Parallelized Data Movement
Storage Agnostic

User Friendly

Enables users to participate in storage management and content classification

Expert Friendly

Power tools for DevOps and sys admins; designed for scale and automation

We take the rage out of Storage

Leave frustrations with unstructured data management behind.

Turn petabytes and billions of files into a unified, manageable environment.




Logically federate all your storage devices with vendor-agnostic capabilities.

If you can mount it, Starfish can manage it, including ...

Leverage the power of metadata, rules, and analytics for managing every file and object across billions of assets.

A simple but powerful paradigm

Data Catalogue

Data Mover

Automation Engine

Choose the capabilities you need—and watch the benefits add up.

Higher Productivity

  • Content classification and tagging
  • File system analytics and dashboards
  • Metadata extraction
  • Automated Data Movement etc.

Cost Control

  • Chargeback – showback – shameback
  • Duplicate file detection and cleanup etc.

Simplified regulatory and FAIR compliance

  • PII/GDPR Discovery and Remediation
  • Scientific research data management
  • Data integrity (fixity) checking etc.

The Starfish Advantage

Because files don’t manage themselves

Unleash metadata-enabled discovery

Query and analyze your file systems with unprecedented speed and specificity.

Act intelligently

Execute tailored scripts and parallelize operations across any number of agents, turning queries into powerful, environment-specific actions.

Interact and empower

Involve users directly in data classification and lifecycle management.

Seeing is believing: get a custom demo and then try Starfish at your scale

See for yourself how Starfish transforms storage possibilities in large-scale environments.