Harness metadata and rules for seamless end-to-end data lifecycle management

Orchestrating massive file collections doesn’t need to be a massive headache. Starfish is a unique software application that enables users and applications to tag and assign key-value pairs to files and directories. This not only simplifies content classification but also powers batch processes and policy enforcement while giving you strategic insights into your global file assets..

Starfish excels in R&D, HPC, and AI/ML environments, addressing your most pressing file-management challenges with one comprehensive solution.

User friendly

Enables users to participate in storage management and content classification

Expert friendly

Power tools for DevOps and sys admins; designed for scale and automation

Your environment, your choice

Only pay for features you activate and use

File knowledge is power. Timely action pays.

Starfish combines DISCOVERY with EXECUTION


Fix on the Starfish metadata catalog for unstructured data

Discover and organize every file and directory across your environment, complete with their version histories, using the File Catalog. Enhance your files with extensible metadata, such as tags and key-value pairs, enriching them for easier discovery, detailed reporting, and insightful analytics.


Unleash the power of our scale-out data mover and batch processor

Do anything you can do with one file to billions. Easily use file catalog query results to instruct Starfish’s parallel data movers and batch processors. Copy, move, delete, or perform another operation on your files at very large scale with ease.

Unearth every pertinent detail about files Knowledge isn’t just power—it’s savings, efficiency and foresight

When you’re dealing with billions of files, what you don’t know in storage systems can escalate costs rapidly. Starfish gives you clarity and control.

  • Comprehensive reporting & analytics
  • Deep metadata insights
  • Accurate cost Accounting
  • Intuitive user portal


Act smartly and save
Optimize, streamline, and reclaim your storage

Make better use of your existing resources.

  • Improve your archiving strategy
  • Efficiently tackle ROT
  • Move data with ease
  • Unleash automation


Metadata and Content Classification

Harness the depth and precision of metadata to streamline your file management processes and enhance search capabilities. Starfish allows users and applications to associate metadata with files and directories.


  • Tagging
  • Key-value pairs
  • Inheritable directory metadata
  • Enhanced search/find
  • Visual query builder
  • Easy automation in CLI, GUI, and API


  • Efficient organization
  • Consistency across directories
  • Swift data retrieval
  • Intuitive user experience

Reporting and Analytics

Starfish is the industry leader in reporting and file system analytics. Dive deep into unparalleled file system analytics.


  • Metadata for greater specificity
  • Engineered for massive scale
  • Retention and analysis of historical data
  • Customizable with SQL
  • Support for third-party BI tools such as Tableau
  • More than just analytics
  • Orphaned file discovery
  • Quota management, chargeback, and showback
  • Identify candidate files for archive and deletion


  • Gain actionable insights with precision and depth
  • Ensure consistent performance at every level
  • Empower strategic decisions
  • Holistic data oversight for complete control
  • Transparent, accountable resource allocation

Data Protection/Preservation

Strengthen your data protection strategies to provide unwavering security and resilience, tailored to your specific needs


  • Data replication
  • Data mirroring
  • Backup/restore
  • Hash comparisons
  • Content addresses
  • DOIs and UUIDs


  • Fortify data security with comprehensive protection measures
  • Achieve instant redundancy
  • Ensure quick recovery
  • Ensure data integrity

Tiered Storage and Capacity Optimization

Effortlessly reclaim unused space and facilitate proactive user participation in storage management for a rapid ROI


  • Data ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) cleanup
  • Automated storage tiering
  • Data disposition policies and workflows
  • Duplicate file detection and remediation
  • Orphaned file detection and remediation
  • Compression/decompression


  • Optimize cost per byte by recovering significant space
  • Easily adapt to storage needs
  • Maintain a systematic, organized data lifecycle
  • Efficiently manage file sizes for optimal storage utilization

Data Migration

Turn huge data migration challenges into a streamlined process, with the option to license Starfish for this sole purpose


  • Parallel data movement
  • Support for NFS, SMB, and object
  • The ability to detect incremental file-system changes
  • Awareness of character encoding issues
  • Sensitivity to hard and soft links
  • Ability to do dry runs and simulations of complex migrations


  • Fast, efficient data migration
  • Seamless transitions across storage platforms
  • Reliable results through continuous awareness
  • Preview migration outcomes

Archive and Recovery

Secure your digital assets and ensure swift restoration with the comprehensive, flexible archiving and recovery


  • Metadata-driven decisions
  • User self-service
  • Manager approval workflows
  • Support for POSIX, Windows, object, deep archives, and tape


  • Use metadata to craft retention strategies
  • Boost user productivity
  • Maintain data integrity and oversight
  • Ensure, consistent reliable archiving

Workflow Automation

Harness the synergy of metadata and batch processing with Starfish, turning complex workflows into automated, streamlined processes


  • Metadata-driven workflows
  • Data movement
  • Metadata extraction from file headers
  • Hash comparisons
  • Content addresses
  • DOIs and UUIDs


  • Customize and automate tasks
  • Streamline large-scale data transfers
  • Directly leverage embedded file information
  • Maintain assured data authenticity
  • Optimize data referencing and retrieval

Data Governance

Elevate your data governance strategy by fine tuning detection logic across files; analyzing permissions, file headers, and the content of individual files; and designing remediation strategies


  • PII and data anonymization
  • File access permissions
  • Confidentiality/export controls


  • Enhanced data security
  • Compliance
  • Customized data access controls