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Customer case studies

Biotech / Life Sciences

Automating Data Movement from Scientific Instruments at a Leading US Research Hospital

Discover how a leading US research hospital leveraged Starfish to transform a cumbersome, error-prone manual process into an automated system that ensures clinical data integrity and compliance. This innovation not only streamlines data transfer across multiple platforms but also empowers researchers to focus on critical scientific work.

Higher Education

Harvard FAS Uses Starfish and ColdFront to Gain $1.5M in Chargebacks

The case study details how Harvard FAS utilized Starfish and ColdFront for improved data management. This integration led to the removal of petabytes of legacy data, resulting in $1.5M in grant chargebacks. Learn how this solution provided precise capacity consumption metrics, enhanced billing accuracy, and facilitated ROT cleanup and archiving for cost savings and better data hygiene.

Presentations, Conversations, & Interviews

Navigating the Unstructured Data Landscape: Effective Management Techniques

Listen to this fireside chat with Jacob Farmer and Björn Kolbeck and learn practical analytics, data, and lifecycle management tactics to streamline your systems, reduce costs, and secure your data. Gain invaluable insights and real-world strategies tailored for today’s explosive data growth and security demands.

Exploring Metadata Solutions for Large-Scale Unstructured Data Management

A Dell HPC Community presentation highlighting Starfish’s innovative approach to managing unstructured data. Integrating seamlessly with PowerScale and Lustre, Starfish offers metadata-enabled insights and actions for efficient storage management, supporting billions of files without full system scans.

Only One Starfish in the Sea

Only One Starfish in the Sea

Jacob Farmer joins WEKA’s Clustered Conversations podcast to discuss the benefits of managing data assets across the cloud and on-premises deployments of the WEKA Data Platform to quickly catalog and provide a method to move data to the right locations based on customer criteria and the important role metadata plays in it all.

Digging for Gold

Digging for Gold: Best Practices in Finding and Using Unstructured Data

In this Data Unchained podcast, Jacob Farmer and Molly Presley discuss how Starfish and Hammerspace are solving long-standing unstructured data challenges in new ways – enabling discovery, automation and unified global access. Together, the technologies are empowering organizations to extract value from their data and reimagine what’s possible. Tune in to learn more!

21 Surprising things you can do with Starfish!

Harnessing metadata for powerful data management

Watch this explainer video to learn about the scalability of Starfish Storage, a solution adept at managing vast amounts of unstructured data across diverse industries, from healthcare to finance, ensuring efficient data handling regardless of scale.

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